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Another one of the novelties of this month in Rosetta Records is the BSO THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF MAUTHAUSEN by Diego Navarro.

The film, which will premiere on October 26, is directed by Mar Targarona and starring Mario Casas, Alain Hernandez and Macarena Gómez. It tells the fascinating story of Francesc Boix, a photographer imprisoned in Mauthausen who risked his life to remove from the concentration camp photographic negatives that revealed the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

“The music of “EL FOTÓGRAFO DE MAUTHAUSEN” shows the epic dimension of this story, without forgetting the overwhelming weight of the tragedy of its context. It often creates constrasts between the exterior and the interior, contrasting the frivolous and extreme cruelty of the nazis with the weight of human misery, making a rich and complex experience, marking the suspense, heroism or fraternity. ” (Mar Targarona)

Diego Navarro was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) in 1972. He premiered his first work before the public at the age of 13 and directed his first concert at the head of an orchestra with 21. He was originally a self-taught artist and subsequently studied at the Higher Conservatory of Music. of S / C de Tenerife and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. As a conductor specialized in repertoire of music for cinema, he currently enjoys great international prestige. Today, specialized critics consider him one of the leading composers of music for cinema in Spain.

Navarro combines his career as a composer of music for the cinema, orchestra director and maximum responsible and creator of FIMUCITÉ (Tenerife International Film Music Festival).

“I decided to structure and develop my score for the film through an orchestry of strings, piano and harp, accompanied by woodwind. Like I said, cello is the absolute protagonist together with other solo instruments like violin or the English horn. I didnt score for Symphonic Orchestra until the end of the film, as that was the moment in which it was necessary a less intimate music, bigger, though equally emotional”

Track list:

  1. Llegada a Mauthausen, (0,55)
  2. ¡No nos separen!, (2,45)
  3. Puro teatro, (0,42)
  4. El intercambio, (0,34)
  5. No es él, (1,10)
  6. La escalera de la muerte, (1,32)
  7. Retrato familiar, (0,20)
  8. La alambrada, (1,43)
  9. Revelación, (1,35)
  10. No podemos quemar las pruebas, (1,57)
  11. Crematorio, (1,19)
  12. Dolores, (1,29)
  13. Urdiendo el plan, (1,14)
  14. Mauthausen al anochecer, (3,23)
  15. La ronda de el Capo, (1,17)
  16. ¿Falta alguien?, (0,34)
  17. Uno menos, (0,27)
  18. Escondiendo los negativos, (1,06)
  19. Sadismo, (1,37)
  20. La residencia, (1,08)
  21. Sobrevivir, (4,01)
  22. Desolación, (1,37)
  23. Liberación del campo, (1,49)
  24. Libres, (0,56)
  25. Tema central – El Fotógrafo de Mauthausen, (5,35)
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