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The B.S.O. SOLO by Sergio Jiménez Lacima is one of the next novelties of Rosetta Soundtrack Records. The film starring Alain Hernandez and Aura Garrido and directed by Hugo Stuven, is based on real events and tells the story of Álvaro, a passionate about surfing, who in search of the perfect wave, falls down a cliff in the most inaccessible area of the island of Fuerteventura. Severely injured, he will have to face nature to survive.

“Yes, it’s a very exciting film, although we wanted to tell the real story, we also wanted to talk about the character’s interior, which is part of the music, which is a reflection of the emotional aspect of Álvaro (Alain Hernández), the protagonist. film is about emotions: the fear of dying, the toxic relationships he has before the accident, the relationship with his girlfriend Mar (Aura Garrido) … ‘Solo’ tells a very intimate story and this is one of the projects in which I have felt more comfortable working. “

Sergio Jiménez Lacima (El Heraldo)

Interviw to Sergio in

“Music with a dose of warm nostalgia and muffled memories at the same time. Reflection of a mental image, sometimes clearer and sometimes more blurred, that music tries to express by fouling its development with strange sounds, like out of tune, that generate restlessness and instability. Details that encourage us to feel that there is something strange in those memories, a kind of bittersweet feeling. Details that, once we go into the film, will understand why. A music based almost exclusively on three chords using non-acoustic, unconventional, non-real sounds, in a way that expresses that instability inside the character and that cloudy memory, separated from reality, and with that sensation of discomfort and strangeness..” (excerpt from Fernando Fernández’s liner notes SOLO)

Track list:

  1. Pecenescal, (2:12)
  2. I wonder if I am a good person, (1:13)
  3. Why didyou bright me here?, (2:07)
  4. On the way to pecenescal, (2:002)
  5. The accident, (2:20)
  6. Counting waves for surviving, (1;24)
  7. What am I doing here?, (3:24)
  8. Looking for an exit, (2:42)
  9. I bade them all farewell, (2:18)
  10. A new beginning, 3:52)
  11. Alvaro sees himself, (0:44)
  12. Faighting againts the ocean, (1:45)
  13. Alone at night, (5:43)
  14. Mon and dad, (1:53)
  15. The last wave, (2,35)
  16. Leaving the cove, (5:48)
  17. The rescue, (2,37)
  18. I can be alone and survive, (6,37)
  19. Triple (bonus track), (2:38)
  20. Dark sea, (Bonustrack), (2:58)

Total time: 56:52


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