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Coinciding with the premiere of the film directed by Gonzalo Bendala, we announce the next edition of the B.S.O. WHEN ANGELS SLEEP by Pablo Cervantes.

“When The Angels Sleep” is an exciting thriller in which Germán, an honest father of a family driving on his way back home, will see his world in danger when his destiny crosses path with two teenage girls in a road accident, making that night the worst of nightmares. And so, the very road that should take him to his family, leads him instead into a darkness we all sense but no-one would look into.

Oscar Salazar

Track list:

  1. Sin aliento, (1,15)
  2. Solo quiero llegar a casa, (0,57)
  3. Sueño, (1,29)
  4. Un cuerpo en el aecén, (3,51)
  5. Perdidos y sin ayuda, (3,30)
  6. Se quien ha sido, (1,20)
  7. No me dejes sola, (3,24)
  8. Adonde vas, (1,23)
  9. No podrán con nosotras, (1,33)
  10. Herido, (1,21)
  11. Piensa, (3,36)
  12. Una luz en la oscuridad, (2,39)
  13. Tienen algún problema, (1,18)
  14. Corre, (0,57)
  15. El bar abandonado, (1,05)
  16. Ábreme, (1,24)
  17. El despertar del mal, (1,12)
  18. Los ángeles duermen, (0,59)
  19. Todo está bien, (1,44)
  20. He atropellado un perro, (4,08)
  21. Muere, (1,53)
  22. El arroyo, (2,23)
  23. Ausentes, (1,00)
  24. Un año después, (1,09)
  25. Rodillo final cuando los ángeles duermen, (1,19)
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