About us

Ediciones Rosetta is an editorial and a record label that was born out of love for culture, literature, cinema and music.

Our objective is to contribute to culture through the restoration, recovery and diffusion of audiovisual masterpieces, betting on the edition of classic and current soundtracks so that both creations and authors have the deserved dissemination, bringing their works closer to the lovers of film music who wish to enjoy them and increase their collection.

And at the same time, consolidate the leadership of the brand, accessing new markets and enriching our cultural offer. Applying those values ​​that we consider essential:

RESPECT. To all; collaborators, authors, customers and suppliers.

INTEGRITY. Fulfill our commitments and act honestly.

PASSION for culture.

TEAMWORK. Value the individual contribution for the benefit of the team.

EXCELLENCE. With an efficient professional performance in all areas of our management. Guaranteeing our external and internal clients quality in our products and services