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In the coming weeks we will make available to our clients A DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION, a double CD with the music that the composer Iván Palomares composed for the documentaries THE DARE OF HARAMBA, JUGLE PLANET, WATER WORLDS, PACIFIC and A WORLD APART. In addition to the composed themes for the ceremony of the XVII Iris Awards of the Television Academy.

Iván Palomares begins his training as a composer and orchestra conductor at the Conservatorio de Madrid (End of Degree Prize), continuing the same with various specialization courses in Spain and the United States. As a composer, he has signed the music of several feature films and short films, television series and more than forty documentaries. He has received numerous awards (Girona Film Festival, International Tournament of Music …), highlighting the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith for the best music for documentary in 2009 (for Worlds of Water) and 2012 (for A World Apart) or his prestigious award Harold Arlen Film and TV Award received in New York in 2015. He has just been nominated to the GOYA for the Best Original Soundtrack for the music of EN LAS ESTRELLAS.

Outstanding composer in the audiovisual universe in Spain, his music has been broadcast in more than 130 countries through National Geographic and Discovery Channel. In addition to his work for film and documentary, he has developed his work in fields as diverse as advertising and orchestral arrangement.

“Palomares is a competent, serious, efficient composer with a special ability to build melodies in which several emotions run simultaneously, which is not very common. He is remarkable in the strength of the epic (with moments that should not envy the powerful creations of contemporary cinema) and is exquisite in the refinement of his dramatic melodies, honest and transparent, and very emotional “(Conrado Xalabarder, Mundo BSO)

Iván Palomares does not play music on images of animals. Palomares not only transports the viewer with his work to the worlds collected by Daniel Landa’s camera, but it goes beyond and transforms those of us who delight in these great documentaries Made in Spain and that clearly leaves behind the times of Absolute prevalence of the BBC or National Geographic. Palomares transforms the viewer with his music supporting the cause of Landa, a committed director who is discovered especially in ‘Pacífico’ (2016), the second initiation journey of that trilogy formed by ‘Un mundo aparte’ (2012) and ‘Atlántico’, por por Record. (José Carlos Fernández Moscoso)

Listening to the music of Iván Palomares is unfolding the candles. It has the habit of taking you wherever you want, telling you what it feels like to sail Ha Long Bay, cross the streets of Buenos Aires or fly over the dunes of the Namib Desert. Now, when I relive my travels through documentaries, I think that without those melodies they were incomplete trips. His music is so eloquent that he manages to explain to me what I felt. And sometimes discover new stories, amplify the stage and recreate the beauty of some villages. Ivan knows that music is the universal language and does not fall into the temptation of abusing local instrumentation to take the viewer to a specific territory. He does not need it. He masters the language of emotions. (Daniel Landa)