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A question of faith

These words, uttered by Jesus of Galilee in front of his friend Lazarus’s tomb in Bethany, express an unconditional faith in something beyond our comprehension. The words fill with Faith the pages of a history that, throughout the centuries, has had endless interpretations. Films, guarantors of our recent history, have never been oblivious to this question, taking to the screen many productions that, one way or another, have tried to explain that rebirth human beings yearn for. This is the place where the Lazarus’s Project develops, Las Palmas-born director Mateo Gil’s last film. For his singular vision, this extremely interesting filmmaker has professed a blind faith in composer Lucas Vidal (The cold light of day, Palm trees in the snow, Nobody wants the night), a bastion of the newborn sprouts of Spanish cinematographic music. Love, Life and Death (a Christological metaphor) are the mortal argumentations the filmmakers build their speech on. Vidal passes these narrative elements through Inspiration’s sieve. Love, Life and Death are sculpted by the subtle hands of this nuanced-filled musician, reinterpreting rightly the unbelievable history of Bethany’s resurrected one.

Maturity…Vidal’s score shows the Madrid-born composer is searching for new paths to tread on. Far away from the Zimmerian’s sounds that have accompanied him for a good part of his productions, Lucas immerses himself in a warm, yet cold, minimalist universe, close to Nyman’s-Gattaca– or Richter’s-Disconnect– textures, two musicians keeping intact that bare minimum essence so characteristic to this music movement. Mateo Gil offers Vidal the chance to create a break-away, as necessary as it is spot on, an exchange the musician settles with maturity, writing an exemplary piece of work. Melodies follow each other without interruption, in a light but heartbreaking way, emphasising Lazarus’s deep emotions, a set model for the unbearable solitude (Life and Death) of the new Adam. Delicate, elegant and deeply honest, the music of this futuristic production conceived by Mateo Gil flourishes through a stark leitmotiv with the ability to move –Life’s Theme (Flashback)-. A song to Life the musician embodies in the heartfelt strings of his little orchestra. Delicate, elegant and heartrending is the melody of a life that isn’t yours, a gift Lucas offers us in only three minutes…Those three minutes are enough to confirm the maturity of a musician called to greater things.

Jewell Box with a booklet of 8 color pages designed by Luis Miguel Rojas

Track List


01. Birth (2,02)
02. Whats His Name (2,10)
03. Lizard Flashback (0,48)
04. Facing Death (2,13)
05. The Plunge (1,25)
06. Operation (1,06)
07. Waking up (1,42)
08. First Step (3,46)
09. Mind Writer Intro (0,55)
10. Mind Writer (2,23)
11. Nostalgia Child (0,44)
12. The Elderly 1,33)
13. Lazarus in the Bible (0,52)
14. Birthday Box / Lover’s Chronicle (4,27)
15. The Letter (3,35)
16. Self Exploration (2,01)
17. Marc’s Dark Future (2,02)
18. Sex Attempt (2,10)
19. Questioning Death (3,44)
20. Resurrection Fanfare (1,15)
21. Naomi’s Resurrection Announcement (1,32)
22. Encounter With Wes (1,54)
23. Elizabeth and Marc’s Goodbye (3,52)
24. Life’s Theme (Flashback) (3,04)
25. Resurrecting (1,00)

Total time: 52,15

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    Enhorabuena Lucas por tu magnifico trabajo.

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