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Journey To The End Of The Night

“When The Angels Sleep” is an exciting thriller in which Germán, an honest father of a family driving on his way back home, will see his world in danger when his destiny crosses path with two teenage girls in a road accident, making that night the worst of nightmares. And so, the very road that should take him to his family, leads him instead into a darkness we all sense but no-one would look into.

Pablo Cervantes´ is an arduous task that, with his music, makes Germán go through that blurred boundary line between sleep and wakefulness, a subtle balance between musical and sound effects. Germán´s is a complex character, composed of many facets that we get to discover progressively, together with him, little by little. The music is exactly the same, as it doesn´t just reflect the action, but also that progression, and therefore it gets more complicated as the story develops.

The journey becomes an asphyxiating auditory experience. The soundtrack is not organic, which helps endow images with a certain touch of unreality. The synthesizer sorrounds us, as if we were being rocked to nightmare. The melodic universe is made up solely by small liberating motifs that allow us to get some fresh air every time Germán stops to think. Gonzalo Bendala, director of the film, would not reduce the harshness of the images, so that he, as much as Cervantes, avoid habitually overelaborated codes of thriller soundtracks.

Eighteen years have passed since the composer´s debut in the cinema with “You’re The One (Una historia de entonces)”. These eighteen years can very well be summarized in Bendala´s words when he claims that “Pablo´s work is praiseworthy, as he managed to compose a musical score that does not seek to stand out, nor transport the audience away from fiction, and that is precisely what the film needed”. Story narrators´ authentic secret: the story is above all, even above music itself. That´s why this musical score works.

For some, with the end of the night comes the light. For others, like Germán, harsh reality sets in.

Oscar Salazar


“When The Angels Sleep” required a soundtrack capable of emotionally materialize the protagonists´ inner world, yetpreserving at the same time the harshness of the most physical and controversial scenes.

Since my first conversations with Pablo, stillabout the script at that early stage, we always saw this film with little film scoring. Pablo has a great capacity to detect which sequences need music and which don´t, as much as to transmit the necessary emotion at the right mo-ment. In my opinion, his score for the film has been very intelligently made, as it is based more on nocturnal music than on traditional classi-cal instrumentation.

Despite our predictions, in the end the film score spans over half of the film, and it includes some really remarkable passages that I´m sure any enthusiast of film music will truly appreciate.

Gonzalo Bendala, director of “When angels sleep”



Track List

  1. Sin aliento, (1,15)
  2. Solo quiero llegar a casa, (0,57)
  3. Sueño, (1,29)
  4. Un cuerpo en el aecén, (3,51)
  5. Perdidos y sin ayuda, (3,30)
  6. Se quien ha sido, (1,20)
  7. No me dejes sola, (3,24)
  8. Adonde vas, (1,23)
  9. No podrán con nosotras, (1,33)
  10. Herido, (1,21)
  11. Piensa, (3,36)
  12. Una luz en la oscuridad, (2,39)
  13. Tienen algún problema, (1,18)
  14. Corre, (0,57)
  15. El bar abandonado, (1,05)
  16. Ábreme, (1,24)
  17. El despertar del mal, (1,12)
  18. Los ángeles duermen, (0,59)
  19. Todo está bien, (1,44)
  20. He atropellado un perro, (4,08)
  21. Muere, (1,53)
  22. El arroyo, (2,23)
  23. Ausentes, (1,00)
  24. Un año después, (1,09)
  25. Rodillo final cuando los ángeles duermen, (1,19)

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