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The easy art of appreciating simple things in life

Recently, especially in these globalized and interconnected digital modern days in which we live, it is very frequent to hear comments about how complex life is. How that interconnection seems to separate people. How sensations and basic feelings of life have become very complicated to reach. How we are lonelier than ever before. And how we live in a world in which it is as if things had to happen right away, without delay, without losing time, as there is always someone behind pushing, making those in line get a move on. (A world) where the everyday fills our heads up with noise.

Honestly, it is a really retrograde way of thinking that only complicates life senselessly. In an everyday life that already fills our heads up with noise by itself, destroying inocence, amazement, and the feeling of being happy with simple things, it seems that we feel like making things more difficult. It is a pity that we don´t use our capacity to stop the time to appreciate those simple things, to acknowledge plainness, wonderfulness, what is really worth it, among so many non-stopping clock´s needles.

If it is true that some people are more sensitive than others, with their heads full of ideas, words, extravagances or thoughts, those simple things in life will appeal to them more. But it is not difficult to use merely one second of our time and get our heart and our mind in agreement. To reach one moment in which you stop, look around and see what you had not noticed until when you become aware of the flow of time around you.

Interestingly, my musical soul brings back to my mind those words that Dylan sang so well a few years ago in his “Bye and Bye […] well, I´m sittin´ on my watch so I can be on time […] the future for me is already a thiing of the past. You were my first love an you will be my last […]”. And he does it for various reasons, all of them in reference to a story like “Sin fin” and to the plain music of Sergio De La Puente.

For those of you who have been so lucky as to see Alenda brothers´ film, this film goes away from conventional Spanish Cinema standards. Just like Dylan himself keeps proving over the years, there is always simple and direct ways of talking about those basic things of life without complications. In this case, of talking about that problem we people have to accept reality as it is. On this occasion, through different journeys from the present, the past and the future, in which we relive the memories of Niña and Trigo. Where we share the magic of that first day in which they met. Where we will be part of a journey that takes us from the Madrileño´s dawn to the Andalucian dusk. All to make the characters appreciate again all those simple things that once got them together forever for the first and the last time.

Love and relationships between people. That simple topic, of which so many variations we find in Music, Cinema and Literature, a topic we tend to complicate so much. In the film, however, this topic is presented in its most basic and simple form. A form in which past and present get together in a journey that shows two contradictory sides: the initial delusion of love through the nostalgy of yesterday; and the pain, guilt and disapointment that have set in through the years. The film achieve this in a poetic and delicate way, allowing us to be part of the relationships established by the characters. Especially, thanks to the heart and sensibility of Sergio de la Puente´s musical score and the interpretation of the story with his music. The piano and the guitar become small details of vital importance in the narration. In the same way that that clock which has never been wound up needs to start, or Trigo´s wish to not “lose time” over those simple things that happen to us in life in order to achieve other goals.

The film, as much as the soundtrack, take very unusual paths in our cinematography. A journey through life that reaches a deep emotional depth, with the combination of a sentimental reunion and a beautiful plot, which is based on a special conception of love. A conception that has more to do with generosity. Which is, together with love, the two most basic human emotions that, in most cases, have much to do with a literal interpretation of egoism. It is a simple way of seeing emotions from a natural perspective, of reflecting the capacity to get close or distant from one-another, the capacity to make decisions and to question ourselves what we are capable of doing for love. It is so easy as to see and to appreciate that we are perfectly capable of changing our destiny… if we want to do so.

It is not that Love be infinite and eternal, as Balzac put it. But rather, as Capote used to say, it is that it doesn´t have a well-defined area… It doesn´t have any barriers. It has more to do with what Van Dyke used to say about time: “[…] It is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who cry, too short for those who rejoyce, […] for those who love, though, time is eternal…” Everything is art. It is art to make daily things extraordinary. It is art to recognize something wonderful hidden in small, everyday simple things, and it´s always worth watching and listening. There are things worthy all around, we only need the art to recognise them.

Fernando Fernández


It is five years now since Esteban Alenda brothers stated in a sentence what would be the germ of their next project: “if you travel in time, death is not the end”. That sentence got carved in my DNA from that moment. Five years of fighting, friendship, experiences, excitement, drama and happiness… In short, five years of our life translated into this project, which is now as much mine as it is yours. I´m proud of being part of “Sin fin”, one of the stories that most moved me. I´m so thankful to my “brothers” for trusting me and for letting me play in a corner of their backyard.

Sergio de la Puente


Film scoring and lyrics writing for “timeless” was a process that took more intuition than meditation. Sergio made it very easy: every piece of the soundtrack was already a faithful description of the sensations that “Sin Fin” awoke in me, so I decided to let myself get carried away by my feelings without reflecting too much on them. I started to record voices on top of other voices until such a melodic fabric was made that I couldn´t – or, wouldn´t, rather- get out. Just like in the film, the song didn´t suggest just one story but several, every one of its lines being a sinuous thread, which could get close or distant without apparent reason… Every one of its stories is beautiful, inevitable and cannot be separated from the rest.

Ana Franco


SIN FIN is a film that deals with love in all its aspects. If there is a word that defines all the decisions that we have been taking throughout the creative process is “naturalness”. “Naturalness” in the staging, in the interpretations of the actors, in the camera work … and in the music. Putting music to the movie was not an easy task considering the editing. Past and present mingle continuously, as the story progresses towards its final climax on the beach. Being such a very romantic and emotional story, the greatest risk was that the music tended to emphasize emotions excessively. Sergio has composed an intelligent soundtrack, delicate, poetic, subtle, with several memorable moments that contribute, in a decisive way, to create an audiovisual experience of very high emotional depth. Sergio, again, has surprised us by creating a series of musical themes that far exceed the mere accompaniment of the image, proving us that he possess a very personal imaginary, full of risky ideas and with an expressiveness that permeates the film with its truth and magic.

José y César Esteban Alenda (Directors)

Track List

  1. Timeless (3:08)
  2. Tienes que darle cuerda (2:06)
  3. El Trébol y la Piedra (Bonus Track) (3:23)
  4. La Teoría de Cuerdas (0:59)
  5. Nina y Trigo (1:55)
  6. Blue Borealis (1:39)
  7. Dame un día (3:48)
  8. ¿Donde Vamos? (3:13)
  9. 5;05;15 (2:34)
  10. ¿Me Arreglarías a mí? (1:10)
  11. A Primera Vista (3:34)
  12. ¿Y si recordamos ese día? (2:35)
  13. Eres Tú (5:09)
  14. La puesta de sol (4:20)
  15. Corre Trigo!!! (4:26)
  16. El renacer (2:03)
  17. La Teoría de Cuerdas (reprise) (1:49)
  18. Vuelve por Mí (3:16)
  19. Adagio para un Fin (Bonus Track) (1:53)

Total time: 52:59


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