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The voice of an interconnected world

I have to admit that I love the words that accompany the presentation of this wonderful show that is “SON”: “From the highest humility, in Galicia we feel like we are the center of the world. We are periphery, but it may be in the margins where life bursts with more effervescence. In the same way that a corner look gives the whole greater perspective. From here we reach out to others, and we may be able to delocalize the point of view by feeding it with some new nuance. ” It is not just the brilliance of the description of what it is to feel Galician. But also the wonderful way in which it describes the whole meaning of what “SON” is and what all the listeners are going to enjoy listening to the music that accompanies this show of the Nova Galega de Danza.

From that same eccentric position, an apparent paradox is incarnated: at the same time identifying and alienating ourselves. Succeed and fall, find and lose ourselves, get right and make mistakes. It is the same tension that reproduces any creative genius: the struggle of the eternal search, the complacency that surrenders to the pursuit of perfection, the torment of our doubts and the radiance of our findings, the uphill of the effort and the comforting fluidity . On this occasion a small story serves as a canvas in which a beautiful and original work is developed that interconnects worlds, cultures, inspirations and sensations. In it the sculptor protagonist of “SON” will lead us through a series of paintings, choreographic evolutions, human landscapes and atmospheres full of emotion, revealing the secrets of a mind so tormented as a carrier of a contagiously inspiring energy. The decision to tell this story from the hand of these three disciplines arises from a need to find new lines of research that will evolve these styles while they nourish each other, while exploring new channels of exploitation with a refreshingly renovative show in concept and original in its content.

It is this sculptor artist who faces that same path: that of saving the pitfalls to achieve the most exact expression of his powerful creativity. In his process he will never lose sight of his origins: Galicia; but at the same time it will open the doors to other languages capable of enriching it, perhaps also capable of growing up with it. An extremely attractive choreographic proposal that offers Sergio Moure de Oteyza an opportunity to become the painting of that canvas. For “SON” he had to find a meeting point between the music from both the north and the south of Spain, and he succeeds in avoiding the pastiche or a forced fusion of it. Sergio dives into both aesthetics and musical styles looking for those key points that offer an encounter point. And he finds them in his inner beat. At a rhythmic or harmonic level they both have things in common, like the tertiary bars or the frigid mode. Both are music with deep roots, which are part of popular culture and to which, therefore, we must approach from the utmost respect and humility. According to the composer himself, “I could also know, during the research I did prior to the composition, that there was indeed a musical exchange through the “Silver Road”. Something that let those musics, in some way, although geographically so distant to influence one another somehow”

Dance and music of this innovative show captivate and fascinate the audience at the same time. Ten choreographies that are happening, linked by transitions in which different elements are used that are, usually, part of a sculpture workshop, as well as elements of the evocative Galician landscape. The choreographic language displayed for the show features steps from four different styles: traditional Galician dance, stylization of Spanish dance, contemporary dance and flamenco. Musically, Sergio has been lucky enough to be able to capture and represent these sound elements with instruments such as bagpipes, voices, percussion, or flamenco violin. Taking advantage to be played by musicians who specialize in these musical disciplines, and who end up contributing their touch and special instrumental sensitivity to the whole work. A work that presents a clear evolution, since music, as a soundtrack is describing everything that is told visually, through the script and choreography. Although each piece can also be enjoyed and listened to independently of the others, because it describes those states of mind of the “sculptor who stars in the choreography”, such as euphoria, frustration, joy, sadness. Four elements with which also, as an abstraction, play and are present in this story.

After all, authors seem to agree that an interconnected world is also a better world. The more open, connected and integrated everything is, the more opportunities there are. An authentic crucible in which multiple ingredients are mixed. Being one of the main ones, everything that culture represents. Culture is multidimensional and interconnected. Culture is unique and complicated. Because people are unique and complicated. Multidimensional and clearly interconnected. Culture comes from shared experiences of a group of people. Together, people learn and give meaning to those experiences. And you do not have to go far, but only let yourself be carried away by what this wonderful work represents.

Fernando Fernández Jimenez

“SON has been one of the most beautiful and enriching projects I’ve done throughout my career as a composer. Marrying rhythmic, harmonic and melodic elements, which are both so distant and so close, gives one the idea of what universal music and how interconnected all is”

Sergio Moure de Oteyza

Track List

Track list:

  1. Introducción, (11:30)
  2. Creación, (7:02)
  3. La caza, (6:21)
  4. Paso a dos, (3:04)
  5. Transición, (3:54)
  6. Faldas, (5:53)
  7. Delirio de Marita, (4:55)
  8. Ibérica de espejos, (4:28)
  9. Mesa, (5:47)
  10. Tutti celebración, (4:43)
  11. Red, (3:54)

Total time: 60:51


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